Light Smoke Shield

Variant Precision Optics™ Shield

Variant Precision Optics™ Shield - Light Smoke

$40 Suggested Retail USD

Icon's PrecisionOptics Shield is designed to fit the Variant Helmet

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    Variant Precision Optics™ Shield
    • Color
    • One Size
    • RST Purple
    • One Size 0130-0649
    • RST Red
    • One Size 0130-0638
    • Dark Smoke
    • One Size 0130-0375
    • Light Smoke
    • One Size 0130-0374
    • RST Blue
    • One Size 0130-0637
    • RST Gold
    • One Size 0130-0376
    • RST Silver
    • One Size 0130-0377
    • Yellow
    • One Size 0130-0498
    • Clear
    • One Size 0130-0373

    Designed to fit Variant helmets.

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