Precision at speed: the Hypersport2 jacket is the upper echelon of the ICON line.

Icon 1000 Axys

Features a TracSpec™ leather chassis and a full suite of D3O® Impact Protectors. The streets are mean, be mean back.


Constructed form TracSpec™ leather and features a full D3O® Impact Protector package. The stance of the original, brought into the modern age.


Getting caught in the rain during your ride doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience, and in the Tarmac2 jacket, it won’t be.


Constructed of a 4-way stretch HYCOR waterproof/breathable material, durable ballistic reinforcement panels, and a full suite of D3O® Impact Protectors.

Icon 1000 Squalborn

Constructed of a fully waterproof/breathable durable textile chassis, debossed leather shoulders, and fitted with a full complement of D3O® impact protectors.


Waterproof Nylon Level 3 is designed to fit over a jacket and keep you dry while looking awesome. Don't avoid the rain; prepare for it.

Malice Hoody

Endless comfort combined with peace of mind.

Icon 1000 Brigand

The ICON 1000 Brigand™ jacket is constructed of a durable Cordura® denim chassis that can stand up to the rigors of the road.

Contra 2

We’ve listened to your feedback, applied it, and reworked a classic.

Icon 1000 Nightbreed

It’s time to ride fast and run the city.


Icon sport fit with a durable textile chassis, ballistic Nylon paneling impact zones, and a full suite of D3O® impact protectors.


Constructed of a durable textile and leather chassis, making it lightweight while still maintaining ruggedness.


Featuring a softshell chassis, integrated Nylon paneling, and a full suite of D3O® Impact Protectors. A name from ICON's past, revived for its future.

Icon 1000 Varial

Constructed of a Cordura® denim chassis, reinforced drum-dyed leather paneling, and D3O® Impact Protectors.

Icon 1000 Akromont

The durable textile chassis is grafted with drum-dyed leather panels to provide the retrograde engineered riding solution.

Mesh AF

Featuring a durable large mesh textile chassis and a full suite of D3O® Impact Protectors.


A sublimated Poly chassis featuring a pro moto fit. Our jerseys are up to whatever mission one can imagine.