Hooligan Denim Pant

A gap in traffic, an empty on-ramp, a lonesome parking lot. These opportunities are a call to fulfill the hunger to hoon. The Hooligan street pant is designed to be the perfect accomplice. Heavy-duty denim chassis, reinforced Aramid knees, and Field Armor knee impact protectors complement each other for the ultimate street pant. With the addition of external zippers to remove the knee armor at any time, you can be at your destination looking innocent, leaving only burnt asphalt and a fulfilled adrenaline fix behind.

$120.00 Suggested Retail USD

  • Icon Relaxed Fit
  • Durable Denim Chassis
  • External Seam Zippers For Easy Armor Fitment
  • Abrasion-Resistant Aramid-Reinforced Knees
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