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Nine 2 Five

Nine 2 Five

When the drudgery of the 9-5 grind kicks into soul sucking overdrive

Julian finds a Narnianesque door to adventure

Arakis Jersey

Up to whatever ADV mission one can imagine.

The Arakis Jersey brings the competition base layer of Team RAIDEN to the ADV market. Proven from the barren wasteland of Baja, Mexico, to the endless expanse of the ALCAN, the Arakis Jersey’s sublimated mesh chassis is up to whatever ADV mission one can imagine.

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Raiden Arakis Glove

Trail wearability with street toughness.

Traditional MotoX gloves provide feel at the limit, but their palms and materials are not suited for the speeds and conditions of the street. The RAIDEN Arakis is the solution.

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