ICON Leather Cleaner

When your Icon leather is new, it is at the correct pH and is fully lubricated. Over the miles, harsh UV rays, count-less bug strikes, and a myriad of road grime mount a mighty assault on your leather. In order to counteract these wicked forces of filth, we contacted the masters of leather preservation, Lexol®, and formulated the finest leather cleaner and conditioner available. Icon Leather Cleaner by Lexol is a blend of selected; PH balanced, cleaning agents designed to clean leather safely and thoroughly without harshness. Icon Leather Conditioner by Lexol® is designed to maintain the strength, beauty, and utility of leather - and to restore resiliency to old or neglected leather that has become hardened and stiff.

$7.00 Suggested Retail USD

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  • I have a white leather Hella jacket is it safe to use Icon's leather cleaner and conditioner on it? And if so do I use the cleaner first and then the conditioner or the other way around? And will it help protect the leather jacket from water and elements?

    Our cleaner and conditioners are safe to use on your jacket. We recommend using the cleaner first, then the conditioner to ensure that all particulates are off of the jacket before it is conditioned. The conditioner will not make the jacket waterproof, but should keep the leather soft and protect it from the elements. 

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