Stryker Battlescar Vest

If you show up for a fair fight, you are not prepared. When the adversary is main street asphalt, ensure that the advantage is yours. The Stryker Battlescar™ vest watches your back while you lead the assault. It’s lineage of articulating plastic armor and D3O® padding command respect at the highest levels. Executed in a tactical covert green, the Battlescar is the armor of choice for the modern road warrior.

$150.00 Suggested Retail USD

  • Download D30 Manual
  • CE Approved Stryker Back Armor
  • D3O Breathable Back Insert, with Custom Molded ICON Geometry
  • Articulating Injection Molded Hard Back Armor with Air Flow Channels
  • Injection molded chest plate with integrated air intakes
  • Vented Biofoam and Airmesh Chassis
  • HydraDry™ Moisture Wicking Liner
  • Highly Adjustable Waist and Shoulder Straps
  • Low-profile design fits under most jackets
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  • I'm having a hard time seeing the difference between the Icon Stryker and Icon Battlescar for $20, is there any difference other than the color?

    Functionally the Styker and Stryker Battlescar vests are the same. Both incorporate CE approved back protectors, both have hard and soft armor, mositure wicking liner, and a great fit. The Stryker Battlescar also features additional graphic and nylon web visual treatments that account for the additional costs.