Airmada Stack

“Ride the Lightning” may have put metal up yerass, but the Stack will put thunder in your soul. Boom! As serious as a duo-toned seizure, the Stack riffs a feedback induced hymn of epic loudness. You do not compute, and neither does this graphic.

$147.00 - $260.00 Suggested Retail USD

3/4 Front3/4 Back
  • Download English Manual
  • Download International Manual
  • All World Standard, meets or exceeds the following: DOT FMVSS 218 (US ), ECE 22-05 (EUROPE), SAI AS1698 (AUSTRALIA) & SG (JAPAN) SAFETY AND TESTING STANDARDS. does not ship with sai or sg certification stickers unless purchased from an authorized dealer in that country.
  • Injection molded Polycarbonate Shell for strength and durability
  • Recessed Twin Channel Supervent™ with industry leading intake and exhaust ports for increased cooling.
  • Fog-Free Icon Optics™ shield with Prolock™ shield locking system
  • Adjustable chin and forehead venting system maintains continual temperature for increased comfort in any riding situation.
  • Rapid Release™ Shield Change System
  • Removable molded breath deflector helps prevent fogging
  • Fully removable washable HydraDry™ Moisture Wicking Interior
  • Easy adjust ergo vent switch for superior or air flow control.
  • Available in four shell sizes with an Icon exclusive long oval headform for ultimate fit and comfort.
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  • Is the Airmada supposed to vent better than the Airframe?

    Each ICON Helmet is built on the lessons learned from previous ICON Helmets. The Airframe has excellent venting at both high and low speeds, as does the Airmada. The Airmada does feature an additional centrally located forehead vent to increase low speed venting.
  • I currently wear an Alliance SS and am in the market for a new helmet. The Alliance fits great but I cant fit right in an Airframe. Which is the Airmada shaped closer to?

    The Airmada will fit closer to an Alliance SS compared to an Airframe. The Airmada features a long oval headroom and a greater number of shell molds, which provides improved fit across the entire size spectrum.
  • Hello, if I want to import to Colombia, how much would the shipping costs be?

    Hey, we have dealers in Colombia:

  • Not liking the colors very much, could you make one in Suzuki blue?

    We are always adjusting our colors.

  • I use an Airframe Medium right now. Would the Airmada Medium be the same fit for me?  When will the product ship to resellers in USA/Canada?  thanks

    Airmada is a long oval head shape verses the round or neutral shape of the Airframe. Otherwise they are a similar fit.

  • Does this helmet come with a chin curtain?

    No, the revised shape of the helmet negates the need to use a chin curtain.

  • hola soy de uruguay estoy interesado en comprar dos cascos, quiciera saber  como hacemos, agradsco un mail..

    Por favor pedir en su tienda en línea favorita de esta lista:

  • I bought this helmet from my local dealer and recently noticed that it does't have a Snell decal on it. I was wondering because I was planning on using it for racing, but the track rules stipulate Snell 2005 as a minimum.

    The ICON Airmada is not Snell rated, but is ECE and DOT approved. This 52 country world standard complies with FIM and AMA rules, so you can petition for this helmet to be used. Any major track that complies with AMA standards should allow you to use the helmet.
  • I currently live in Mauritius and i'm looking for a new helmet. What would be the closest dealer to Mauritius, or should I buy online?

    We have a variety of dealers worldwide. You can search for all dealers in Mauritius here:
  • II have 59cm head size and now have M alliance, which fits snugly, but ok. Would a medium Airmada have exactly same sizing as an Alliance?

    The Airmada has similar sizing measurements as the Alliance, but features a more aggressive fit. Because of this many people have found that their size in an Alliance may not translate to the Airmada. We always recommend trying on helmets in person for this very reason.
  • Is the tinted shield available online?

    Yes, tinted shields are available for purchase online. A full listing of our online dealers can be found here:

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