Defendant Bonded Fleece Jacket

Relaxed Raglan fit, three layer shell construction - Sublimated poly jersey bonded to wind blocking PU layer bonded to polar fleece, large exterior zip pockets and internal pocket pouches, Three layer TPU-METAL-Enamel Logo, red cotton jersey hood lining, red cord front zipper with custom icon ergo puller

$95.00 Suggested Retail USD

  • Relaxed Raglan Fit
  • Three Layer Shell Construction - Sublimated Poly Jersey Bonded to Windblocking PU layer bonded to Polar Fleece
  • Three Layer TPU-Metal Enamel Logo
  • Large Exterior Zip Pockets and Internal Pocket Pounches
  • Red Cotton Jersey Hood Lining
  • Red Cord Front Zipper with Custom ICON Ergo Puller
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