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D3O® T5 Evo Shoulder

D3O® T5 Evo Shoulder

D3O® T5 Evo Shoulder - Left & Right

$25 Suggested Retail USD

D3O® impact protectors are made from an advanced patented polymer. D3O® impact protectors utilize intelligent molecules that lock together on impact. Because of this, the impact protector can be made thinner and lighter, making a jacket more comfortable and easier to wear. However, this decreased size does not come at the expense of impact protection.

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    CE Level 1
  • Tested and Certified to EN 1621-1:2012 when tested in ambient, wet, and cold conditions.

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    D3O® T5 Evo Shoulder
    • Color
    • One Size
    • Left & Right
    • One Size 2706-0160

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