Field Armor

Stryker Knee

Field Armor Stryker Knee

Field Armor Stryker Knee - Black

$105 Suggested Retail USD

Road rash on your knees or gouged shins will ruin your month. ICON knows these lessons well. If you choose to hit the streets in anything less than full leather pants, you need knee protectors. That’s a damn fact. The Field Armor Stryker Knee is equipped with D3O® inserts. The low-profile rider developed chassis fits easily under almost any pant with easy adjustment velcro strapping to keep them in place. Wear them and stand a fighting chance of skipping that painful trip to the hospital, so you can begin the equally painful search for new clip-ons & rearsets on eBay®.

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  • ICON Adjustable Fit

  • Material
  • Vented biofoam and airmesh chassis, Articulating injection molded shell with air flow channels.

  • Protection
  • D3O® knee and leg inserts.

  • Details
  • Dual stretch adjustment straps secure protector, Low-profile design fits under most pants.

Knee Sizing
  • Fitment
  • S/M
  • L/XL
  • 2" Above Kneecap
  • S/M MIN 10" MAX 19"
  • L/XL MIN 13" MAX 22"
  • 4" Below Kneecap
  • S/M MIN 12" MAX 18"
  • L/XL MIN 14" MAX 21"

Care Instructions

General Care

ICON® armor is tough and designed to withstand a great deal of asphalt induced abuse, but no armor can survive every conceivable motorcycle accident. Should the unfortunate occur and you crash in your Icon armor thoroughly review the product for any signs of structural damage (major abrasion, holes, damaged seams, etc). Should there be any damage or if you are unsure if the damage is structural you should replace the armor. Most Icon armor use a coating on the textile chassis material which reinforces the overall fabric matrix. Improper cleaning of the armor could compromise the integrity of this coating leading to material failure. Unnecessary exposure to Sunlight and UV rays should be avoided. This is most critical when storing your armor. Always store your armor in a dark, well ventilated area. Armor is best hung from a wide padded hanger. Do not wrap in plastic or other nonporous materials as this may cause the fabric or plastics to discolor. Finally, avoid exposing your armor (or any of your riding gear) to fumes or vapors from gasoline or any harsh chemicals. These fumes weaken the structure of nylon and polyester textiles lessening their inherent protective capabilities.


Armor (Textile Areas) - Hand wash the armor with warm water and a mild liquid laundry detergent. Hand washing minimizes unnecessary stress on the garment. A soft bristle toothbrush works well in helping to remove any bug strikes or road debris. Rinse the armor with clean water to remove all detergent. DO NOT use any form of oxygenated detergent, bleach, fabric softeners, or dry cleaning chemicals. These items will damage the vest!


Armor - DO NOT use a machine dryer. Subjecting the armor to a machine dryer will damage the product and possibly the dryer itself. The only recommended method for drying the armor is drip-drying. Do not subject the vest to direct sunlight, hair dryers or any type of heater during the drying process. DO NOT use an iron on any part of the garment.

Replacement Parts

    Field Armor Stryker Knee
    • Color
    • One Size
    • Black
    • One Size 2704-0238

    Road rash on your knees or gouged shins will ruin your month.

    Reinforced Plates

    The molded plates offer maximum coverage while their D3O® inserts provide incredible impact dispersion.

    Hydra Dry™

    We use a HydraDry moisture wicking, anti-microbial material to inhibit the growth of bacteria and to keep you dry.

    D3O® Sheet Stock

    Complementing D3O’s existing low profile, D3O® sheet stock decreases the profile while maintaining excellent comfort and performance properties.

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