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Legends Never Die

TiMax Jacket

Legends are forever

Legends live on in tales of asphalt entanglements and high-speed encounters. After years of constant begging and pleading from the masses, the legend returns.

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Battles are won and lost at the hands of the individual warrior

TiMax Short Glove

Slay your personal dragons

Have a taste for dragon-slaying titanium gloves but a preference for shorter cuffs? The TiMax Short glove provides all the coverage of its full-length brother, but with a go-fast silhouette.

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Where others fall short, we lead the way

Ghost Carbon

Airframe Pro Helmet

The AFP is built using our unique “Angle of Attack” orientation - eyeport, vents, neckroll, and aerodynamics all optimized for an aggressive sportbike riding posture.

TiMax Titanium Riding Collection

17 Spring New Helmets

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17 Spring Casuals

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Clear The Lane

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