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Half sexy time, half prowlress, fully awesome.

Alliance GT Shaguar Helmet

Never go full safari

Engage your natural predatory instincts and let your inner jungle cat loose. The Alliance GT Shaguar is a guaranteed head turner minus the trip to the Serengeti. Animal prints topped with a dash of glitter: stalking prey never looked so good.

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Featuring Team Rider Ewa Pieniakowska



jungle cats are the new hi-viz.​

the shaguar collection is as strong as the kitties who rock it.

Anthem Shaguar Touchscreen Glove

Harness the gnarness of the big cats

Slip them on and twist the wick because, woman, we wanna hear you roar.

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Built for a woman, but strong enough for a man.

The Shaguar Collection


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Velocity Couture