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We had filled the Africa Twin's tank to the very top.

Raiden DKR Monochromatic Jacket

designed for hardcore dual sport riding by hardcore dual sport riders.

The HYCOR waterproof/breathable construction is Dupont Teflon® coated with complete seam sealing. Vent zippers have been relocated to avoid moisture buildup but still provide maximum airflow.

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It would be a long time before we saw any trace of civilization again.

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Top Of The World

Top Of The World

Every ounce of fuel would be needed for our outer rim route.

Raiden DKR Monochromatic Pant

Our most adventure-ready pant to date

Our most adventure-ready pant to date, the RAIDEN DKR Waterproof Pant is the choice companion to the DKR Jacket. 

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With 1000ccs of brand new Honda, we were headed to the top of the world.

Raiden DKR Boot

Built to reimagine what ADV riding can be.

The Raiden DKR's sleek profile, based on GP boots, is mated to an athletic EVA/rubber bottom unit. This combination provides excellent control and feedback while providing all-day walkability for the dismounted rider. 

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The Raiden Monochromatic Collection

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ALCAN 5000

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