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For the rider with classic tastes

Jeans for the unassuming rider

Icon One Thousand MH1000

Riding Jeans

Riding jeans with all-day comfort, the MH1000TM are at home both on and off the bike. Constructed of a CORDURA® stretch denim chassis that retains the authentic look and feel of cotton denim, but with added abrasion resistance. Aramid® knee reinforcements plus 3-position D3O® knee and hip impact protectors are what keep this casual-looking piece anything but. The relaxed fit allows for maximum range of motion. The MH1000 are jeans for the unassuming ride

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“Choke up on the bat and follow through with your swing”

Icon One Thousand Baserunner


“Choke up on the bat and follow through with your swing”: sage advice handed down through generations. The same can be said for the streets. The seamless one-piece Battlehide goatskin palm provides durability while eliminating seams. When your ride goes into extra innings, you’ll be glad you’re wearing the 1000 Baserunner

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