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Live Fast, Dress Fast, Be Fast

Live Fast, Dress Fast, Be Fast

Just when we were ready to resign ourselves to becoming a subsonic hero, Kawasaki releases the 2015 H2.

A 200 horsepower supercharged titan capable of blueshifting the horizon.

The two-stage supercharger keeps you on boost and pulls in air harder than a fresh Dyson.

Hypersport Pro Short Glove

ICON is always searching for the upper hand; we’ve found it with the Hypersport glove.

It all starts with a French cowhide and kangaroo chassis. The French cowhide backhand, supple & strong, provides excellent comfort and flexibility. The kangaroo palm, a hallmark of purpose-built track gloves, provides optimum abrasion resistance and dexterity.

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It breaks speed laws at stop signs.

Live Fast, Dress Fast, Be Fast Collection


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