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Deployed Grey

Deployed Grey

Enlist in the ICON Army.

Merc Deployed Jacket

The standard-issue combat uniform

Our all-purpose environmental clothing system, known as the Team Merc Deployed, is a standard issue combat uniform for all those who have enlisted in the ICON Army. While it may look casual, don’t be fooled: the D3O®-infused, reinforced soft-shell chassis has your back during an asphalt ambush.

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Anthem Deployed Touchscreen Glove

keep your mind off your gear and on the mission at hand.

The Anthem Deployed Glove offers superior flexibility and feel. The one-piece Battlehide goatskin palm eliminates seams, providing a durable, contoured fit. The debossed Neoprene cuff makes egress and ingress effortless, while the D3O® knuckle insert adds reinforcement without adding bulk.

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The Deployed Collection

16Fall New Helmets

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Clear The Lane

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Angle Of Attack

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