Build Your Own Bonneville

Monday October 15, 2012

ICON athletes Ernie “Edub” Vigil and Nick “Apex” Brocha are familiar with the art of building custom bikes- both of their custom Triumph Street Triples are built from the ground up to make freestyle riding look almost too easy. But how would they fair when tasked with building a bike that is built more for calm Sunday rides than sky-high wheelies? Well, they turned these bikes onto their heads to combine the best traits of speed and style, transforming the Triumph Bonnevilles into blacktop bombers in the process. Both of our riders showed up with their bikes, but Nick’s was not completely finished. I’m sure the final result will be stunner.

Triumph just debuted these two bikes at Barber Vintage Festival on Oct. 13-14, so more details are still to come, but at least you can see the results of our ICON riders’ work right now. Keep an eye out for more details of the build and the inspiration behind them soon.

Ernie “Edub” Vigil’s Bonneville

Nick “Apex” Brocha’s Bonneville

Sound off in the comments on who you think built a better Bonneville.