LIMITER Live – Daytona

Monday March 26, 2012

2,513 Miles. That’s how far Daytona Beach Florida is from Portland Oregon (home of Icon for those of you just tuning in). Was it worth the drive? Hell yes! Two days of Team No Limit and 1 Wheel Revolution stunt shows, hanging out with fans of Icon, and witnessing first hand the ridiculousness of Daytona Beach overlapping Spring Break weekend and Saint Paddy’s day for the first time ever.


The show stopper…. the bike not the girl.



Jason Britton spreads the love.


Rob from 1WR doing his best David Lee Roth impression.

This is just about the scariest thing you can do on two wheels.

MC Allan Lane begging the question “WTF?! is going on here?!” to the crowd.

The smokey burnout…. gets’em everytime


The LIMITER Van hits Main Street with some clever manipulation of the local authorities by the blonde haired LIMITER girl.

The view from inside the LIMITER van was quite exciting as well.


Basically every person in this photo is wasted and didn’t graduate high school.

If your ZX14r isn’t street legal just load it in a Sprinter Van.


And the crowd goes wild for free Icon swag.

Check the events calendar to see when LIMITER Live heads to your town!