Motel Mechanics

Tuesday January 24, 2012

10:26pm – Tuesday, October 18, 2011:

The first day of filming ‘Drift 2′ at Oregon Raceway Park has successfully concluded. You might have guessed that the Icon riders and film crew were celebrating the end of day one. Well, not exactly… The truth is that we filmed the entire first day with just one stretched bike.. Look closely at the opening sequence (00:58) and you can see that Nick’s bike still has it’s stock wheelbase.

The Roaring Toyz custom-designed solid billet swingarm was delivered to the Portland Icon office and was couriered out to us that night. This was the first of several close calls in the making of Drift 2. Stay tuned for more behind the scenes revelations…

That's one beautiful solid piece of billet aluminum.

A coiled RK 520 on a VCR - reminds us of home.

Nick & Ernie's tight competition schedule has required them to incorporate calisthenics into their bike maintenance routines.

If Ernie get's tired or cramps up it's all over for Nick. Luckily, Ernie posses the strength of a three-man Navy Seal squad.

Swap job complete: No doubt far worse things have rested upon on this paisley bedspread.